Head office Address: Ain Saadeh, Lebanon
Lebanon +961 3 789 791
UAE +971 50 352 8730


Integral Shopper In-store Marketing campaigns involve different solutions & deliverables. NC team develops the campaign ideas into key visuals and adapts the creative concept to online and offline visuals.

The promotions are set to fill main supermarkets across the GCC from wich Carrefour, Geant and Lulu Hypermarkets. 

As their Creative Agency, the collaboration started from the very beginning, 5 years ago , from creating the Promotional Logo and 1st coupon layout to developing the startup into the first and unique couponing solutions in the Middle East.

Every campaign follows the promotional theme of the retail store; from Ramadan, to special food or beauty campaigns.Every concept is then adapted to many deliverables in stores like arches, display stands, mupies, security gates, floor stickers, woblers, coupons, booklets, promotional islands, online gaming and facebook baners... to help expand brand awareness and increase sales. 


Integral Shopper
Concept & development of In store Tactical Couponing campaigns - Stands - promo areas - on shelf displays - store decoration