Head office Address: Ain Saadeh, Lebanon
Lebanon +961 3 789 791
UAE +971 50 352 8730

WORLD VISION LEBANON, WASH Project, Bekaa, Lebanon


Complementary Generic Messages were created raising awareness around the human value of water, as well as its natural value to

Lebanon that is being in danger to get to an end. A sense of urge and will, to saving water is therefore generated from the two

complementary generic key-visuals.

MACRO GEOGRAPHICAL REACH: Both awareness visuals are executed on 14m x 4m unipoles and are spread on a wide territory surrounding the two main towns of Taalabaya and Ablah. for 90 months. A timeline that we can benefit from in winter season where visibility is different ever day, every week.

MICRO GEOGRAPHICAL REACH: Free new medium are searched for, giving the opportunity to reach a more micro geographical spread to reach the heart of the target as well as an extensive load of daily passengers, refugees and hosting communities through the hero-towns of Taalabaya and Ablah: 

4 Lamp Poles, 150 Water Meter Boxes and 55 Gas Stations, are outdoor media tools with free and unlimited time of exposure.

Targeted Communities Awareness Campaign

An amazing work of distribution for the one on one awareness tools was done reaching households (hosting communities, locals and refugees) and potential new comers. A more personalized targeted way of communication was set to distribute awareness tools holding WASH key messages:

- floater flyers: An awareness tool spread among households as a reminder to set floaters, maintain them and save water.

- water meter installation and network flyers: An awareness tool spreda among BWE clients, new potential clients and local communities of Taalabaya and Ablah.

- washer stickers: An awarenss tool spreading alert and know how of good ways of washing clothes by saving water.