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WV, BWE and EU are about to celebrate this special day and all the activities related to Hand Washing as part of WASH project. A special public awareness campaign was created to reach specific key people from the primary target (hosting communities, refugees and locals), as well as part of the mass surrounding secondary target (passengers, visitors, and locals of surrounding areas of Taalabaya and Ablah)

Hygiene campaign communication tools: 

Generic: 4 KV’s adapted into posters and facebook posts:

- Generic KV 

- Restrooms KV for Men and Women

- School KV


. A sheet of 6 Book Name-tag Stickers: This tool is a long lasting medium of exposure and daily visibility for the students. 

. Eraser and Eraser wrapper WASH design: Another unusual tool used to convey a creative fun message to the students in schools reminding them on a daily basis of the 6 important steps to wash their hands to “ERASE” all kind of germs.

. Magnet and magnet WASH design: A reminder of the generic Handwashing message was designed on an attractive tool, a fridge magnet, entering the houses of thousands of households and students and taking part of their daily lives and habits.

. Calendar creation and design: Hygiene tips and messages were highlighted in the Calendar. This tool unites the WASH key awareness tips. It is distributed with the Water Conservation Campaign.


. Sink Stickers supporting the generic posters for Men and Women restrooms

World Vision, European Union and The Bekaa Water Establishment
WASH Communication Strategy, Hygiene Campaign creation and design, Campaign management and implementation