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Awareness campaign - LWP - USAID

The Lebanon Water Project (LWP) is a USAID funded project, aiming to increase reliable and sustainable access to water for Lebanese citizens by improving water management practices, enhancing the efficiency and sustainability of the public water utilities, and responding to water issues arising from the influx of Syrian refugees. 

NC team was selected to work on the project's communication strategy and campaigns for the 3 tackled regions; North, South, and the Metn.


Due to the Lebanese situation in Spring/Summer 2020,  the team has to adapt the communication according to the Local Crisis and Covid-19. Therefore the team elaborated a National Campaign covering all the Lebanese territories and adapted to each regional Water Establishment.

In the South Area, the campaign was dispatched around Jezzine, Saida, Sour, Nabatiye are with a network of over 100 Billboard. 

In the North the Unipoles were booked at the entrance of the city to cover the Koura region.

For Beirut, Metn & Jbeil, In close collaboration with EBML, 11 Unipoles and rooftops were startegically picked from Damour to Jbeil.

For over a month the Save water awareness campaign reached the heart of lebanese people, Additionally to an intensive Online Awareness campaign.

Communication Strategy, Campaign creation and design, Campaign management and implementation